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GRID 2 Trailers and Screenshots

Codemasters have gone for a story mode in their latest GRID 2 trailer, which introduces Patrick Callahan in voice-over as a ridiculously rich entrepreneur. He’s setting up the World Series Racing (WSR), bringing together New Union Racing Club as the pure racers and Transamerica Pacers as the aggressive leaders of the Face Off two-player events.

Ooo, where could he possibly find a racing superstar? Perhaps wandering around the entertainment section of your ASDA, idly browsing the games shelf. I think that’s what they’re suggesting.

Do you play games like GRID 2 for the story? Is that a thing people do? I’m normally a huge story buff but to be honest, it’s the last thing I’d care about in a racing game. I’d always assumed people are in it for the speed, the thrilling near-misses and the car porn. More like this gameplay trailer from last month.

Anyway here, have some screenshots. Ooo, look at them tail lights. Aahh, hubcaps and motion blur.

GRID 2 - New Union Rear Bumper GRID 2 - New Union Tail Lights GRID 2 - New Union Hood GRID 2 - New Union Hubcaps