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Mars War Logs: New Combat Video

I wrote about Mars War Logs back in February, explaining that it’s much more of a combat RPG than one for sneaking around. Spiders Studio have put out a new trailer, showcasing the combat and equipment styles available.

You have three main schools of combat training – straight-up combat for melee and ranged skills, technomancy – blast your enemies with electricity or create energy shields, and renegade – the more stealthy approach, laying traps and popping out from cover for quick kills. You’ll also have allies to help you in battle, but only if you keep them on your good side.

Mars War Logs - Roy TemperanceI said in the preview that the combat felt a little clunky – you can see the battles from about 0:40 to 1:00. This might a side-effect of their strange time-shifting approach, where Roy rolls around very quickly, yet battles seem to pause to give you time to counter. It feels a little unnatural.

Get more info on from the offical Mars War Logs website.