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Bungie’s Destiny Game ARG?

Rather more intriguing than Bungie’s big Destiny reveal is this accompanying ARG-like thing that’s appeared on Bungie’s website. Presumbly Activision are hoping to replicate the success ilovebees for Halo way, way back in 2004. (Oh god, has it really been that long?)

Here’s what the site looks like today.


I have no idea what the hell I’m supposed to do. Clicking around took me to an instructions page where these appear to be the key paragraphs:

“Imagine combining the observations of thousands across the globe on an object meandering through the heavens. The resulting array would be quite large. Quite powerful. This is your task.

Alone it will not be enough. Coordination and timing is needed. Observations must be made simultaneously.”

Perhaps you get someone else to load the page at the same time and act together, but how do you link your observations? Suggestions in the comments, please.