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10 Top Tips for Halo 4

How about that Halo 4 game, huh? Pretty great isn’t it. You know what isn’t so great though? Getting your ass-kicking in multiplayer.

I have become quite an expert at that lately, but through this kicking I learned a few ways to kick them back! So here, in no particular order, are my personal 10 top tips/tricks for traversing Halo 4’s multiplayer:

1. This is Halo, not ‘Insert other FPS game title here’: Yes, I know this seems dumb and obvious but you would be amazed how many players don’t get it at the beginning. Halo is its own animal when it comes to multiplayer. Your reflexes and base instinct will play a part in your success, but if you’re in the mindset of any other shooter you’re going to get killed. A lot.

2. Duck and cover: Crouch. That motion sensor will be the death of you on more than one occasion, I assure you. Remember, if you’re faced with 3 Spartans charging down a passageway armed with rocket launchers, that if you crouch then you are not detectable on the motion sensor. It’s not effective every time, but it can save you a few horrendous deaths.

3. Remember the buddy system: This applies to Spartan Ops particularly, but it works for certain War Games too. Most of the vehicles in Halo 4 are best driven with a partner, and you want someone you can rely on, knows your play style, and isn’t an obnoxious little snot from Ohio who refuses to talk and bails out of the driver’s seat at the first sign of trouble. Play with a buddy whenever possible. Co-ordinated backup is never a bad thing, and also makes it way more fun.

4. I can swing my sword, sword: What’s that? You want to abuse tip 2? By all means. Get a Plasma Sword (or a Gravity Hammer works just as well), crouch around a popular corner, and make sure you have ‘Promethian Vision’ equipped in your loadout. You can hide, see through walls with the vision as somebody approaches, and then slash ’em up. Unless they have vision on too.

5. Tactical retreats: Don’t say it, I’m the same way. However, some times in Halo 4 it’s best to know when you’re beat and to begin advancing backwards. If you have an assault rifle, and they have an assault rifle, but they happen to get the first shot off at you? You’re likely done. Halo 4 is quite balanced, so if they gain the upper hand, always assess if you can take the advantage back, and if not retreat and regroup.

6. The praying Mantis: As in; PRAY that you get the Mantis vehicle. If you’re on Valhalla (shout out to all my fellow Valhalla fans) or any other vehicle heavy map, always go for the Mantis. It’s ridiculously good against almost everything, but that’s balanced out by it being slower than a damn Wraith when it’s walking.

7. Auto Sentry all the things: Seriously, my Auto Sentry buddy (named Bill) saved my life more time than I can count. It’s constant back up, great for covering hallways behind you if you’re sniping or guarding an area, and it even acts as an excellent retard magnet (not my wording, it’s a legitimate strategy term) if you need to draw fire away from yourself… I’m so sorry, Bill.

8. Grenade smartly, and often: Grenades are quite popular in Halo 4, the Plasma grenade especially, so don’t be afraid to use them. If you stand by a gravity lift, and stand at the bottom so you appear on motion sensor, and throw a grenade they fly up and smack the Spartan in the face who’s waiting for you – classic bait and switch. If nothing else though, always make throwing a grenade the last thing you do before you certain you’re about to die. Take ’em down with you!

9. Loot guns: Whatever weapon you start off with, be it the burst fire option or fully automatic, it won’t be good enough for every situation. If you find a corpse with the other option it’s almost always worth carrying both. Packing an assault and battle rifle means you’re pretty much kitted out for everything that’s going to be throw at you.

10. Strafe: Strafe hard and strafe fast. This has been true since Halo 2 and this aspect hasn’t changed one bit in Halo 4. Keep your strafing as erratic as possible, you want to keep everyone guessing. In a Sticky Detonator vs. Pistol battle you’re doomed if you’re standing still, but strafe like you’re playing a PC game in 1999 and suddenly the pistol shines.

Those are my top tips/tricks for Halo 4. I look forward to seeing you criticising them, and adding your own tips/tricks, in the comment section below.