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News Round-Up 4th April

Get Signed Copies of Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition with Amazon

Namco have announced that Amazon’s entire launch stock of Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition for Xbox 360 has been hand-signed by the development team (via Eurogamer).

Players are already getting a sweet deal with the Enhanced Edition, which comes with the game’s soundtrack, world map, quest handbook, as well as all the new in-game content.

But now gamers will get their hands on a signed copy of the game if they order early enough from Amazon.

Notch Reveals New Game

Markus “Notch” Persson, creator of Minecraft, has unveiled his new game. 0x10c will be a “space game”, and though its early in development, some of the game’s features have already been revealed.

As well as highlighting the story and setting of the game, the official website also lists some of the in-game mechanics: “lots of engineering, full working computer system, space battles against enemy AI and other opponents” and more.

Notch then goes on to describe how these mechanics will play out: “Each ship has a generator capable of producing a fixed wattage, and everything you connect to it drains wattage. A cloaking field, for example, might require almost all the power from the generator, forcing you to turn off all computers and dim all lights in order to successfully cloak.

“The computer in the game is a fully functioning emulated 16 bit CPU that can be used to control your entire ship, or just to play games on while waiting for a large mining operation to finish.”

For all lovers of Minecraft, it will be interesting to see what shape Notch’s new project will take. But based on the description, I look forward to seeing it in action.

Rumour – Sony’s Smash Bros.-alike to be called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

After a series of leaked images suggested that Sony were working on a brawler similar to Nintendo’s Smash Bros. Series, using their own first-party characters, more rumours claim to confirm the game’s official name.

PlayStation Lifestyle reports that a leaked survey suggests the game will be called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Bit of a mouthful, and not the most inventive title I’ve heard. I actually prefer Title Fight.

The game is said to be in the hands of SuperBot Entertainment, and could be announced at this year’s E3.

Suda 51, Grasshopper announced Killer is Dead

Lollipop Chainsaw hasn’t even arrived in stores yet, but Grasshopper Studios and Suda 51 have already announced what they will be working on next.

Killer is Dead, a brand new game that will take inspiration from Suda’s previous “assassin” titles, namely Killer7 and No More Heroes, will arrive in 2013 on PS3 and Xbox 360 (reports Andriasang).