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MMO News Round-Up – 16th March

CCP are working on yet another new game, this one is to be a PS3 exclusive MMO titled DUST 514 – gameplay will feature “intense infantry combat augmented by powerful vehicles” and will be connected to the EVE Online universe. Utilising the existing EVE factions and player-driven market concept this development looks like it”ll combine familiarity and new experiences for existing MMO fans and potentially introduce some console gamers to richer online worlds. CCP have confirmed this title will be free-to-play and should release later this year.

More joystick teasing news from this week as the first alpha footage from World of Warplanes goes live – aside from loving the soundtrack it”s still not tempting me, I know where my skills lie and it”s not in 3D spatial awareness. Curiosity might still get the better of me, I didn”t want to play World of Tanks at first and still managed to get briefly addicted.

Update news from SWTOR courtesy of a new trailer from BioWare, “Legacy” will feature new playable content (Operations & Warzones) and introduces: PvP Ranking, UI customisation, improved character textures, mini-pets (it was going to happen) and most importantly Guild Banks! Now those who like nothing better on a Saturday afternoon than to sit and organise their Guilds” clutter can get in on the best online casino action too.

PS Vita owner? You might be interested in the recent news that Phantasy Star Online 2 will be ported to Vita and that you”ll be able to play the same characters across this platform and the PC, due in 2013 fans will have a long while to wait (via The Verge).

There”s “can”twaitcan”twaitcan”twait” noises from across the kitchen as I type this, a new MechWarrior Online video has been released with “role warfare” explained by the president of Pirahna Games Russ Bullock, basically this will be a MechWarrior title that has balanced classes. Don”t fret, it sounds like all the robot tinkering will be included along with vanity items, bets are on that mini-pets won”t be included.

Another video interview from GDC, this one features Björn Johannsen discussing how crime will be handled in Seatribes” upcoming MMO Salem, basically should you do something considered naughty you”ll leave a “scent” for other people to follow and exact their revenge, this”ll be a big deal in Salem as death will be permanent and an entirely new character will need to be levelled.

I wouldn”t usually bother hyping something like Blizzard”s “Scroll of Resurrection” deal for World of Warcraft but if you”ve not subscribed since March 4th 2012 this is a pretty good way of seeing the newest expansion (Cataclysm) without the drag of levelling up. You”ll receive:

  • 7 days free game time
  • A free Cataclysm upgrade
  • Free character move to the gifting friends” realm and faction
  • Best of all, one character will be boosted to level 80

As the gifting friend, once your chum has paid for at least 30 days of game time you”ll get a Spectral Gryphon / Wind Rider. The race is on to find a friend that wants to become addicted all over again.