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WipEout 2048 – Patch Drastically Improves Loading Times And Adds More Music

If you’ve managed to play WipEout 2048 recently you will have noticed that the load times for events aren’t exactly what you’d call quick. Don’t worry, because help is at hand. Those clever boffins at Studio Liverpool have been beavering away on patch 1.01 which does the following:

  • Improves load times by ~25%
  • Enables PS3/Vita CrossPlay
  • Adds a music track – Beelzedub by Orbital
  • Fixes some other issues

Incidentally, the Orbital track will be the multiplayer campaign lobby music.

We’ve also been told by Studio Liverpool’s head boffin technical director, Dr Stuart Lovegrove, that future updates will shrink the load times even further. Which is nice.

Patch 1.01 is already available to US WipEout 2048 owners, with the EU patch rolling out in time for the PS Vita and WipEout 2048s official release on the 22nd Feb 2012.

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Update 18th Feb 2012: The patch is available now for EU users. It’s 34Mb in size too. Look for the orange icon with a down facing arrow in it on WipEout 2048’s title screen

PS Vita - WipEout2048 Patch

WipEout 2048 is released on the 22nd Feb 2012 for PS Vita. Also see our Zone mode video and Rockway Stadium gameplay video