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PS Vita – Game Sizes Revealed And Which Memory Card Should You Buy?

You have two options when buying games for your PS Vita – boxed or download. Unless of course the game is download only like MotorStorm: RC and Escape Plan.

The boxed games come on bespoke memory cards that slot snugly into the top of your Vita. The other option is to purchase games from the PlayStation store, download them onto your PS3 and transfer across to your Vita.

If you choose the download option then you’ll need a memory card to store them on as the basic PS Vita unit doesn’t come with one.

The next question is how many games fit on a memory card? Well, it depends on the game and the size of the card. Here’s a list of all the downloadable games that we’ve been playing with and the amount of space they need.

PS Vita Downloadable Game Sizes:

PS Vita Memory Cards:

Unfortunately, the 32Gb memory card is only available in Japan and North America at the moment. You’ll notice from the list of games that if you download something like Uncharted: Golden Abyss it will almost completly fill a 4Gb memory card. This leaves you with two options:

  • Only buy boxed games, leaving Uncharted occupying the memory stick
  • Transfer Uncharted to and from your PC using the PS Vita Content Manager Assistant

If you plan on downloading lots of PS Vita games, then get the 16GB memory card. Yes, it’s expensive but you can cram a lot of games on it.

PS Vita is released on the 22nd Feb 2012 – Wi-fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G models.