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News Round-Up 5th Jan 2011: XCOM, SWTOR and more

XCOM: Enemy Unknown – In keeping with current trends of naming new games after old ones, this new strategy game from Firaxis was revealed today by Game Informer, based on the classic X-Com. Hopefully all those people who were outraged by the XCOM first-person shooter coming from 2k Marin will stop whining and buy it. The game is being developed for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

FYI, the classic X-Com games are today’s Daily Deal on Steam. Get all 5 for only £3.05 (usual price £8.99)

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Our wonderful friends at the Daily Mail are trolling again, this time to complain that SWTOR lets players shock female slaves with an electric collar. Well, yes. In a game predicated around good and evil, surely this is par for the course? No wonder the Bioware founders say that they “always have the mainstream press ready to pounce”.

Gotham City Impostors – The launch date for this XBLA, PSN and PC title has been pushed back to February. Bit of an oddball multiplayer game this one. Play as low-budget vigilantes following in Batman’s (or The Joker’s) footsteps, causing or cleaning mayhem in Gotham City. More info and beta applications available on the Impostor’s website.

AMY – This survival-horror has been given a release date of 11th January. That’s next week, hooray! It’ll be 800 MSP on XBLA or £7.99 on PSN.

“Apparently consumed by a mysterious illness, people she once knew are now part of a wild, ravenous horde. In spite of her wounds, she runs – she must escape this nightmare. Lana can tell that, deep within her, the viral process has begun but refuses to become one of them. Later, an autistic eight-year-old girl with strange powers will force her to make choices that change both their lives. Her name is Amy.”

Here’s a video we posted on our YouTube channel a while back that explains the gameplay relationship between Lana and Amy.