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TV on your Xbox. Also Half-Price LIVE Gold

Happy week-before-Christmas, all you lovely readers. We’ve been working with Microsoft recently, talking about the new dashboard content and we’re now part of the Xbox Live Ambassadors program, wooo! What does that mean? Basically, we still get to talk about whatever we want, however we want to but they’ll send us some nice content and sometimes link to us from their shiny new Ambassadors’ page on They didn’t feature my write-up of the dashboard launch event from the other week. I can’t think why…

This week’s theme is TV. The new dashboard has introduced TV for the UK through your Xbox with Sky TV. You need to have either a Sky subscription or something called Sky Go Monthly Ticket, which is basically an ongoing monthly subscription to Sky instead of a contract. In other words, if you have Sky, you can watch Sky. If you don’t, you can get it without having to shell out for a box and dish installation. Or if you’re me, you now have a new and thoroughly pointless tab on your dashboard. Ah well.

Regardless, Microsoft have also given us a lovely bonus for you guys – a discount code to buy 3 months of Xbox Live at half price.

To get your half-price Xbox Gold:

  1. Go to the More Than Games page and enter “Av3rgGm8r” in the box that looks like this:
  2. It will change to say “Thanks! Click Here.” Click there.
  3. You might be prompted to log in to or confirm your password. Do that.
  4. Then you’ll be able to buy 3 months of Xbox Live Gold membership for £7.50. Hooray!

Have fun!