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Daily News – Free WiFi Hotspot Access For Nintendo 3DS Owners, Driver: San Francisco Demo and Inversion

Afternoon everyone. Some tip-top news for you all today.

Nintendo 3DS:

Nintendo has signed a deal with The Cloud which provides free access to its 5,000 WiFi hotspots throughout the UK for 3DS owners with immediate effect. This means you can access the SpotPass service, eShop or just browse the internet for free right now. You can find The Cloud’s WiFi hotspots in shops, restaurants (e.g. Eat, Pret A Manger) and pubs. (via [registration required])

Gamestop are now selling the Cosmic Black Nintendo 3DS console for a super cheap £134.97 (including shipping) ahead of the official price cut on the 12th Aug 2011 which we reported on last month.

Lucent Heart:

The zodiac inspired free2play MMO Lucent Heart opens up its ‘Head Start’ Early Access at 10:00 BST on Thursday 11th August 2011. According to the press release head start players will be able to enjoy:

a myriad of competitions, exciting events and freebies galore in the build up to the commercial release, where players will be able to purchase the equipment, outfits, mounts and potions to enhance their play experience and assist them in facing the fearsome forces of goddess Cadena.

Lucent Heart - Fella With A Big Hammer

Now that's what I call a Hammer!

Driver: San Francisco:

The single-player demo is available now on Xbox LIVE for all gold subscribers and from the PlayStation store. It also features a total of 3 missions. The multiplayer demo is due for release on the 16th Aug 2011 so look out for it.


Here’s some a gravity defying FPS co-op action for you courtesy of Namco Bandai’s new shooter, Inversion which is due for release on the 12th Feb 2012.

(Hat tip to VG24/7 for the Gamestop 3DS price)

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