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Daily News – RWC 2011 Commentators, Brink DLC and Bodycount

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend of gaming. It’s time to kick-off this week’s news.

Rugby World Cup 2011:

Three commentary teams will be included in HB studio’s promising Rugby World Cup 2011 game:

  • Stuart Barnes and Miles Harrison
  • Philippe Sella and Eric Bayle
  • Greg Clark and Sean Fitzpatrick

I absolutely hate the rugby commentary from Sky TV’s Stuart Barnes and Miles Harrison. They are complete and utter muppets who have plagued my enjoyment of watching rugby for many, many years. Mercifully there are other commentators to choose from. Top of my list would be Fitzy (Sean Fitzpatrick) who captained the New Zealand All Blacks team for 5 years and is a hard talking, no nonsense type of bloke who is thoroughly entertaining to listen to. The other option is to just mute the commentators which is exactly what I’m going to do to the Sky duo.


The delayed Agents of Change DLC pack finally arrives on the 3rd Aug 2011. Originally scheduled for early July, the pack includes 2 new environments and will be free for the first 2 weeks, after which it will cost 800 MS points on Xbox LIVE and ~ £6 on PSN.


Codemasters have released the first of their developer diaries for the upcoming shooter Bodycount. As you will see from the video Bodycount is all about guns, shredding the in-game world and killing bad guys. It also features a nice cover system which gives you a full range of movement whilst in-cover using the sticks on your controller. It’s not just a press button to hide type of system that is commonly found in first-person shooters.

This cover system along with the awesome amounts of damage you can inflict on the environment were the bits of the game I was most impressive with when I played Bodycount at E3 2011.