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Daily News – Ubisoft’s Online Passport, Pepsi Max Competition and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the Xperia PLAY

Welcome to today’s news.

Ubisoft has announced pricing for its Uplay passport. Costing £7.99 on PS3, PC and 800 MS Points (£6.80) on the Xbox 360, the pass will be included in all new Ubisoft games. However, if you buy second hand games, then you will need to purchase a Uplay passport if you want to play online and unlock other exclusive features. Driver: San Francisco will be the first game to feature the system, which is due for release ont he 2nd Sep 2011.

Pepsi Max have launched a the “Mates or Me” game on Facebook, which gives you the chance to win £2,000 for you or a holiday for you and three of your mates. The game can also be downloaded free from the iTunes App Store until the 7th Aug 2011. The game itself is based on Curling, you know that winter sport that involves sliding big rocks across some ice. Give it a go, you might win a great prize :-)

Battlfield: Bad Company 2 has been released for the Xperia PLAY smartphone. Everyone outside the US can download the game for the trail price of £5 right now via the “Get Games” app on the phone. Featuring 5 battlezones and 14 single-player missions the game has be adapted to take advantage of the Xperia PLAY’s controls. Check out the launch trailer for the game: