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Dead Space 2: Severed – New DLC Available Now

DeadSpace2_LogoThere’s some new DLC available for EA’s brilliant Dead Space 2 game. This time the DLC adds new levels to the game, rather than just giving you access to weapons and suits that you can’t be arsed to find in the game itself.

The Dead Space 2: Severed DLC weighs in at around 1.43Gb, so this is a fairly weighty expansion pack. It features 2 stand-alone single-player chapters to play as Gabe Weller. Presumably, Isaac Clark is still busy with his own escape. You may remember that Gabe Weller was the main character in the Dead Space: Extraction game on the Wii. Extraction was also included with the PlayStation 3 version of Dead Space 2.

The action takes place on The Sprawl with Gabe Weller equipped with his shiny new security suit and a super powerful pulse rifle as he tries to escape all the monsters. One of the Necromorphs from the first Dead Space game makes an appearance too. So say hello again to The Twitcher.

It is nice to hear that Gabe’s got a British accent and to see that lifts are still death traps. Remember kids, stay away from lifts in sci-fi games. They are always dangerous.

Look out for my epic review of Dead Space 2 later on this week.

Dead Space 2: Severed is available now on Xbox Live for 560 MS Points and from the 2nd March on PSN for £5.49