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Kirby’s Epic Yarn – The Elephant And Castle Yarnstorm

KirbyYarnstorm_ANakedBenchThe Average Gamer travelled to Elephant and Castle in South London this morning to take a closer look at the Kirby yarnstorm that had been created by the talented women at Knit The City.

Commissioned by Nintendo to herald the launch of the impossibly cute Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Knit The City had created a whole array of characters from the game. They had transformed a previously drab and dull bench located in the middle of a very busy roundabout, into something straight out of the game. Kirby and Prince Fluff were sitting proudly on top of this throw surrounded by clouds, flowers, the sun and some mushrooms. It was all quite impressive and so very soft :-)

The Kirby yarnstormed bench:


I chatted to the Knit The City girls about this yarnstorm which had involved many weeks of work. Kirby and Prince Fluff individually took around 10 days, or the time it takes to watch series 3 and 4 of The Wire, to create. Watching TV is an integral part of knitting apparently. I think my mum used to listen to The Archers whilst knitting stuff for me. Anyway, the throw had been knitted to fit the bench perfectly which involved some sneaky late night bench measuring. They are brave ladies for venturing down to E&C with a tape measure at night!KirbyYarnstorm_KirbyAndPrinceFluff

If you get the chance today, then get yourselves down to the big roundabout at Elephant and Castle and catch what is left of the Kirby yarnstorm as Knit the City have left their creations to fend for themselves. If you do take anything, can you send a tweet to the Knit The City twitter account.

Also check out Kirby’s Epic Yarn on the Nintendo Wii, as it is possibly the cutest game you will ever play. I promise ;-)

Kirby’s Epic Yarn is available now for Nintendo Wii