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Closed: Win Beta Codes for Rift

Want to get involved in the Rift: Planes of Telara closed beta? We’re giving away a load of beta codes RIGHT NOW.

All you need to do to win a beta code is drop us a comment below with a short story from your MMO experiences. If you’ve never played an MMO, just tell us any gaming story that you’d like to share. Doesn’t matter how long or short your story; talk about your first day in MMO-land. Tell us about the time you zerged a Balauran fortress or the epic PvP battle you were just about to win when your connection dropped. Hell, it doesn’t even have to be true – entertain me ;)

The unique thing about Rift will be its dynamic world:

Whether it’s a previously peaceful farm being ravaged by demons, a tranquil forest glen suddenly ripped apart by a violent rift, or merely an unassuming traveling merchant with astounding wares, spontaneous events are taking place all across Telara for you to discover and take part in.

The ebb and flow of activity in Telara is always changing. Thousands of unexpected encounters are occurring at any moment, making every adventure unique — with more being added all the time. And just like in real life, you can revisit favorite haunts to see what’s different, adding a novel sense of exploration to even well-trodden ground.

Haven’t played the beta myself yet but I did love other MMOs with unique events, like Tabula Rasa’s epic closing battle and the Guild Wars world-changing Searing that marks your transition into the game proper. With any luck, Rift will offer a similar experience that truly affects the world in which you adventure.

Our favourite stories will win VIP access codes that guarantee you access to “Enter the Rift”, an upcoming beta event for levels 1 – 20, as well as any future beta events. Everyone else who enters will receive standard beta codes – these give you an extra entry into beta draws so it’s well worth entering if you’re already registered with the beta programme.

Enter The Rift: – Adventure through the world of Telara as a noble Guardian or technomagical Defiant. Enter a dynamic fantasy where eight primal forces battle for control over an ever-changing landscape. The planar invasions grow more numerous and the Ascended must rise to the challenge!

Enter The Rift will run from 28th to 31st. Looking forward to your tall tales! Don’t forget to use your real email address in the comment form or provide a Twitter account so we can send out your code.

Edit: Thanks everyone for your great stories! Closing the comments now as the beta is almost over. Hope everyone who got in had fun and reported many bugs :)