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Call Of Duty: Black Ops – How To Unlock Dead Ops Arcade Game

Call Of Duty: Black Ops has a hidden game that can be access via the title screen*. Watch the video to find out how or read the summary instructions below:

Quick summary:
  • Break free of the chair in the main menu – mash the triggers (consoles) or space bar (PC)
  • Search the room to find CIA data systems PC
  • Type DOA at the command prompt
  • However, If you want to play ZORK, type ZORK at the prompt!

Dead Ops Arcade is a Smash TV like shooter where you control a solider on an island-like level. Obviously, there are lots of Zombies to kill. Controls wise, you use right stick to shoot and left to move. Simple. Now go kill all those Zombies.

Update 12th Nov 2010: Supernoodle128 tweeted that you can also play ZORK by simply typing ZORK at the command prompt rather than DOA. Makes me wonder what other games are accessable!

Update 15th Nov 2010: If the video stops working you can just follow the type instructions. It seems that the video guides for this don’t last long on before they are taken down.

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* Thanks to for originally posting instructions.