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PlayStation Move – Everything You Need To Know For Launch

On the 17th September 2010 PlayStation Move is released for the PlayStation 3 in the UK. There will be quite a lot of different bits of hardware and software available for PlayStation Move, so here’s a summary to help you make sense of it all. Thanks to the PlayStation Blog for originally collating a lot of this information. I’ve added cheaper hardware deals (for the UK), more information about the hardware itself and minimum hardware requirements, updated information about the starter disk, available launch games and the existing games PlayStation Move compatibility updates :-)


The absolute minimum hardware you need to play PlayStation Move is:

    PlayStation Move Hardware And Sports Champions game

  • PlayStation 3 console
  • PlayStation Eye
  • PlayStation Move controller

The demos included on the starter disc (see below) will be downloadable from the PlayStation Store from the 15th Sep 2010, so you won’t miss out if you don’t buy the PlayStation Move starter pack. You don’t even need the navigation controller as you can use the original PlayStation 3 joypads. Obviously the navigation controller will be easier to use, but it’s not essential.

The spheres on top of the motion controllers are squishy, so hopefully they will be fairly resistant to being bashed about. You can also play in the dark if you so wish as the PlayStation 3 can keep track of the controllers even with the lights out, and the sphere’s glow different colours on each controller.

All the PlayStation Move controllers contain a rechargeable battery like the PlayStation 3’s original controllers, so can be charged the same way using a mini-USB cable. Or you can buy a dedicated charging station, but again, it’s not essential.

The starter disc:
    PlayStation Move Tumble - Showing the 2 player game

  • Sports Champions – Try out Table Tennis and Disc Golf
  • Start the Party – Augmented reality party game where you splat things like bugs and moles
  • Beat Sketcher – Make art and music on screen using the PlayStation move controller
  • echochrome ii – Use the PlayStation Move motion controller as a torch to cast shadows onto a wall and create paths for your character
  • Tumble – Play 2 stages of levels of this Jenga-like game
  • EyePet – Move Edition – Err, it’s a pet simulator.
  • TV Superstars – Take part in Frockstar and Let’s Get Physical contests
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 – Play a bit of golf with Tiger
  • The Shoot – Shooting game, a bit like Operation Wolf but set in the Wild West

Note: The starter disc only contains PlayStation Move demos and is included in the PlayStation Move starter pack and the PlayStation 3 Move console bundle.

PlayStation Move games available at launch:
    SportsChampions - Archery with targets

  • Sports Champions
  • EyePet – Move Edition
  • Tumble
  • PlayStation Move: Racket Sports
  • Start the Party
  • Kung Fu Rider
Existing PlayStation games that work with PlayStation Move:
  • Toy Story 3
  • Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition – Note: Only the gold edition has PlayStation Move compatibility
  • EyePet
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
  • R.U.S.E.

So all the above games have PlayStation Move compatibility included already, you just need to get hold of the controllers (and the PlayStation Eye) to use it.

Existing games that will be getting PlayStation Move updates:

  • Heavy Rain – Move compatibility update on the 22nd Sep 2010, which will be free
  • Hustle Kings – Move compatibility update sometime this week
  • MAG – In the next 4 weeks. according to the MAG blog
  • High Velocity Bowling – Move compatibility update available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on the 21st Sep 2010
  • PAIN – No information available