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Dead Rising 2 – UK release date changed to 24th Sep 2010

I got some nice news in my inbox from Capcom this morning. In their wisdom they have decided to shift the European release date of Dead Rising 2 to the 24th Sep 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. This means that the UK and Europe will get the game first! Yay. Zombie carnage for us.

PC owners have to wait a few more days till the 28th Sep 2010. The US and Japan dates of the 28th Sep and 30th Sep remain the same. Don’t worry, us Europeans will let you know what the game is like ;-)

Weefz is really looking forward to his one having loved Dead Rising. I really, really, really hope that the save system has been improved in Dead Rising 2 as it sucked in the first one!

Here’s an image to whet your Dead Rising 2 appetites:

Eeek a tiger and a few Zombies

One question. What’s with the Tiger?!!!!!