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Pre-order the PlayStation Move now!

PlayStationMoveLogoTb.jpgFollowing on from Sony’s E3 press conference, the pricing and availability of the PlayStation Move has emerged. If you live in the UK you can start pre-ordering now. Here is what’s available.

PlayStation Move starter pack – £49.99

This pack contains of the following bits of kit:

  • Playstation Move: Motion Controller
  • Playstation Eye Camera
  • Starter Disc

So this looks to be the cheapest way of enjoying PlayStation Move. The only thing it doesn’t include is the navigation controller, which you can buy separately.

PlayStation Move Navigation Controller – £29.99

This allows you to control using an analogue stick, a d-pad and a couple of buttons. Will be needs for certain PlayStation Move games, just like some Wii games require the nunchuck as well as the Wii remote.

PlayStation Move Motion Controller – £39.99

The basic motion controller unit, with all its motion sensing gizmos and the light emitting orb on the top. Shiny.

PlayStation Move is due for release on the 19th September 2010.