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MAG Tips – Domination game mode

MAG_Logo.jpgFinally, following on from the MAG sabotage, suppression and acquisition tips here’s some more for the domination game mode. This time provided by Nate Klee (Chief Software Architect). So watch the video below and then read the tips:

Basic Tips:
The goal of the attackers in Domination is to destroy a rival PMC’s oil facility in 3 phases. Each attacking platoon first needs to simultaneously grab control of two burn-off towers. Once these are both held, they are destroyed and can’t be repaired. Destroying these towers also unlocks a pair of cooling towers which operate in a similar fashion. Once those are taken out, the attackers move in to take over oil pump controls and destroy the facility. The more pumps that are held, the faster you can damage the facility. The goal for the defenders is to keep the facility from taking too much damage before the attackers run out of reinforcements.

  • Try to stay near to your squad. Not only do you receive leadership bonuses but you are more likely to be resuscitated quickly.
  • Come in prepared with a loadout that has a repair kit for defending and a rocket launcher for attacking.

Advanced Tips:

If you are attacking:

  • Focus on taking out the defender bunkers and possibly the AAA before you go for the burn-off towers.
  • Make sure that you take out the bunker turrets from behind cover before you rush in to plant charges on the bunker.
  • You can damage the bunker turrets with rockets, grenades, APC turrets, and even small arms fire.
  • Make sure that your squad leader puts down FRAGOs on each objective.
  • Lead objective assaults with grenades.

If you are defending:

  • Keep your bunker turret repaired. You can repair it faster with multiple people repairing at once, though there are diminishing returns.
  • Repairing the AAA is a great stall tactic since it can push back the attackers. You can often grab a motor pool vehicle and drive up to repair it with some protection.
  • You can force offensive Helicopters to fly off by damaging them, forcing attackers to spawn further away from the front lines.
  • Repairing the doors around the objectives can prevent the attackers from flooding in.

Via MAG blog
MAG is out now only on the Playstation 3