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MAG Tips – Sabotage game mode

MAG_Logo.jpgFollowing on from the MAG suppression game mode tips, here’s some more tips and tricks for the sabotage game mode. This time provided by Alan Van Slyke (producer). As before, watch the video below and then read the tips.

Basic Tips

  • Squad cohesion is important. There are multiple approach routes as an attacker, so talk to and follow your squad leader and steamroll the opposition as a unit.
  • Having problems getting your squad to A or B objectives? Two or three medics per squad can pick up any fallen teammates along the way, which keeps the squad together on approach.
  • The faction that typically prevails in Sabotage is the one that’s willing to make a focused charge at the objective. Sustained firefights at 100 meters from the objective as an attacker may give you a nice kill/death ratio, but will more often than not, result in your loss.
  • If you have a headset, let your squadmates know about the guy under the stairs or in the church tower (yes, I hate that guy too). If you don’t have a headset, listen for callouts from your team.
  • FRAGOs mean double points. They’re set by your squad leader as a mechanism to give the squad a unified goal and provide double XP when you’re in the FRAGO’s vicinity. If you’re interesting in getting more points, these will get you there fast.

Advanced Tips

  • On approach as an attacker, drop smoke grenades about 80-100 meters from A or B. This will get your full squad to within striking distance where you can regroup and make the final push to the objective.
  • All final C objective buildings have front entrances (attackers) and rear entrances (defender). A few attackers can often flank C towards the back to disrupt the defender’s spawn into the final objective building. This provides a critical opportunity to secure the final objective. 10 seconds of spawn wave disruption can often result in an Attacker’s victory.
  • Poison Gas and Frag grenades are great ways to clear Sabotage objective buildings of enemies. Poison does nasty proximity damage over time and Frag grenades can insta-kill if they’re too close – this provides a huge additional bonus in that fragged enemies can’t be revived and must travel back to the objective from the spawn point.

Via MAG blog
MAG is out now only on the Playstation 3