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Brutal Legend Twitter Party

Remember the awesome Brütal Legend trailer that came out back in June? God, I love Tim Schafer’s games. Anyway, there’s a Twitter party TONIGHT from 89pm (officially 3pm CST) to 1011pm (5pm CST). All you need to do to take part is this:
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  • Tweet with the hashtag #brutallegend
  • Follow @dinomas
  • Use a hashtag aggregator to follow the rest of the #brutallegend party!

@dinomas will be asking questions. Answer them and you could win a PS3 slim, one of five Eddie Riggs statues or one of twenty-five “Fan Packs” (stickers, zipper pulls & patches).

Let us know if you win!

#BrutalLegend has reached 4th on TwitScoop trends halfway through the party
#BrutalLegend is 4th on TwitScoop trends