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Wii FreeLoader – GameCube Games Test

Freeloader - Wii versionDatel’s FreeLoader software supposedly makes any Wii multi-region. Whilst this is a very good thing, there is very little information on just how effective the FreeLoader software is. So Tikipod decided to test his collection of GameCube games (and 1 US Wii game) to find out.

Test system:

  • UK Wii Console – set to 60 Hz 4:3 screen mode
  • Sony CRT TV (handles 60hz mode)
  • RGB SCART lead
  • COMPONENT lead – For CARNIVAL game test
  • Wii FreeLoader – EURO version (£9.99 from

Games tested and results: (GameCube unless otherwise indicated)

  • PIKMIN (JAP) – Works fine
  • PIKMIN 2 (JAP) – Doesn’t work
  • PN03 (JAP) – Works but has squashed display
  • SUPER MONKEYBALL (JAP) – Works fine
  • METROID PRIME (US) – Works but with some pre-game menu issues (in game ok)
  • ZELDA – WINDWAKER (US) – Doesn’t work
  • RESIDENT EVIL 4 (US) – Works but has squashed display
  • WAVERACE: BLUE STORM (JAP) – Works but with thin flickering band near the top of the screen. Gameplay unaffected but flickering band is annoying
  • VIEWTIFUL JOE (JAP) – Works but with squashed display and playback issues with pre-menu movies
  • DOBUTSO BANCHO (ANIMAL LEADER) – Works but has squashed display
  • CARNIVAL (US – Wii Version) – Works but need to use COMPONENT lead otherwise the colours are all screwy (red and black)

As you can see, most of the games tested worked, but a number suffered some sort of issue. Tikipod didn’t test any JAP Wii games, as he didn’t have any available. According to one of the comments on the Freeloader product page Super Smash Brothers Brawl (US) works just fine so you can all rest easy.

Oh, and the recent reports that the latest Wii firmware update (called IOS37) disables FreeLoader is a hoax. However, with all the Wii firmware updates that Nintendo rolls out there’s no guarantee that FreeLoader won’t be disabled by one of them in the future.

Update 24th Mar 08: Carnival is a Wii game, so updated the post accordingly.