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GAME – Now taking PS3 pre-orders

GAMELogoFrom 12pm today my nearest GAME store (Cheapside, London, EC1) started taking PS3 pre-orders.

The pre-order process:

  • Completion of 2 forms (name, address, GAME loyalty card number…) – You keep 1 of the forms.
  • Selecting which software/peripherals you would like – Not necessary if you just want the console.
  • Deposit of £50 – Fully refundable at any time before 23rd March 07 (launch day).

The GAME website says it intends to start taking pre-orders this week.

When entering the store I joined the long queue which I thought was for the PS3 pre-orders, but turned out to be people waiting for the latest batch of Wii consoles to arrive! In reality there were only 3 of us wanting a PS3. However, there weren’t any signs up in the store saying that you could pre-order a PS3, so maybe people just didn’t know they could. Or does this indeed reflect the lack of interest in Sony’s expensive waffle iron?

At least Sony is giving out free Blu-ray disks of Casino Royal to the first 500,000 European PS3 that are registered on the Playstation Network. It’s about time Sony gave Europe some love!

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Update 13th Feb: Pre-order signs up in the Canary Wharf GAME store now and I just got an email about pre-ordering via Also HMV (Canary Wharf) has PS3 pre-order signs up too although it requires a £100 deposit. Finally British Gaming Blog is reporting that you can pre-order your PS3 on from 9am on the 15th Feb 07 until their stock allocation is filled.

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  1. Mr Butterscotch

    13th Feb, 2007 at 12:39 pm

    Waffle iron? I thought that there was synonymous agreement that the PS3 looked just like a George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Reducin’ Grillin’ Machine?

  2. Weefz

    14th Feb, 2007 at 12:43 am

    Doesn’t roll off the fingers quite so easily, does it? ;)

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