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Games information for parents website launched logo is an initiative launching today that aims to teach parents how to easily distinguish between games designed for adults and games suitable for young children. It has some very thorough explanations of what distinguishes a 16+ PEGI rated game from a 7+.

Quick summary here:

  • Every game sold in the UK has a voluntary European rating (PEGI) that uses images to show recommended age groups and warning of content. This is for guidance only and is not enforceable by law.
  • UK games are also rated by the BBFC in the same way as movies. Most games do not require legal classification.
  • Games rated 15 and 18 have the same BBFC logo on the box as 15 and 18 rated films and cannot legally be sold to people under those ages.

If you think your 16 year old is mature enough to cope with an 18-rated game you will not be breaking the law if you buy it for him. Similarly, if you buy an 18-rated game for your 6-year-old you will not be breaking the law, although most people would look at you funny if you told them you’d bought him a game where the point is to steal cars, shoot gang members and blow stuff up.