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Clay Kitten Shooting II Review (Web-based)

Age Rating: 12+ (no rating listed on website, we’re just guessing based on ratings descriptions)

What is it?

Flash-based clay pigeon shooting, kitten style!

Is it fun?

Oh, yes…every bloody minute of it (unless you’re a kitten lover and then you’ll hate it and think it’s a really sick game).

Is it worth the money?

It’s free, but almost worth paying for.


You get to shoot kittens!

Clearly this is not something you should in real life, as kittens are nice and cute and purry and should be loved and snuggled.
However, when they are digital kittens you can blast their little fluffy heads from their equally fluffy bodies without getting into trouble with the RSPCA.

Listen as the little kitties “meow” as you blast them with your shotgun and then giggle as they explode all over the screen in a fountain of red kitty blood.

You literally get to “blow their little minds.”

There are 3 games available on the website. In the first two you to shoot kittens, but in the third you get to shoot the face of the guy who created it all. (This was in response to a comment left on his website. Isn’t he nice!)


Go on shoot those kittens


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