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Driveclub Review (PS4)

Driveclub_WeatherDriveclub is the best driving game I’ve ever played. After a very rocky and ignominious launch with a whole raft of features either broken (multiplayer servers) or missing (dynamic weather and PS Plus edition) Evolution Studios has completely turned the game around to deliver a wonderful driving experience.

Driveclub perfectly simulates the fun of driving fast, beautiful and exotic cars around picturesque roads and tracks. Racing amongst the cherry blossom tress in Japan or during a torrential downpour in India with almost zero visibility the game looks incredible. I’ve almost spent as much time taking pictures using the feature rich photo mode as I have racing. With an already amazing looking game it’s really easy to create some stunning pictures. If they are good enough you might see them used in the menu screens as the developers are showcasing the best community made photos in-game.
There’s also a load of challenges (race, time trial and drift) which develop your driving skills and earn experience points to build up your collection of cars. But don’t expect this to be easy. Drivelub is difficult enough to reward perseverance and learning the racing line around each track. You can also take part in online races, compete against the developer’s own challenges and set up your own club with space for 5 other friends.

The cars in Driveclub all feel perfect to drive. It’s not Gran Turismo’s serious approach to car simulation, all dour and dry, this is something way more fun. You’ll quickly build up the confidence to test each car to its limits, whether that be mechanical grip, top speed or power sliding capability, without being harshly penalised. It’s like comparing the rule stifled world of Formula 1 to the wheel to wheel, physical racing of touring cars. If you are completely reckless then you will get experience points docked for heavy car collisions and temporary speed restrictions for cutting corners so there are limits, but they are generous ones.
Even on a standard PS4 joypad every car is different driving experience from the go kart like BAC Mono to the slippy Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 you need to learn how to get the best out of each car. Once you unlock some of the really powerful super and hyper cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia, Koenigsegg One or my person favourite, the bonkers fast McLaren P1, your car control will be stretched to the limit at some seriously high speeds.

Every month since launch Evolution Studios has added new tracks, challenges, cars, bikes, music (from the wonderful Welsh band Hybrid) and even the Wombat Typhoon from MotorStorm. Although there is a lot of paid DLC among these updates – bikes expansion costs £11.99 for example – there still is a vast amount of free content which has kept me interested. This month’s update included a hardcore mode which turns off traction control, stability control and other assists plus a new Scotland track.

Driveclub is fantastic. For under £15 you’re getting a spectacular racing game that will keep you coming back for more.

Driveclub is out now for PS4

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