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WIN: Tickets to Christopher Brookmyre at BAFTA

Bedlam Logo
Critically acclaimed author Christopher Brookmyre will be at BAFTA in London tomorrow, 5th August from 7pm to discuss his generation-hopping shooter Bedlam and we have two pairs of tickets to give away for the event.

I’ve previewed the game before – it was to be an adaptation of his novel of the same name but things have evolved over the past to match the gaming landscape. The protagonist is now a woman named Heather Quinn. Her in-game name is Athena and she’ll learn more about the book’s original protagonist Ross “Bedlam” Baker throughout the game.

“The average FPS protagonist is a testosterone-addled sociopath with all the endearing charm of a cornered honey badger,” said Christopher Brookmyre. “I thought we could prove that you don’t need balls to be ballsy. Players of both sexes will identify with Athena, because first and foremost she is a gamer herself. Women have been shamefully ignored by the FPS genre, so it seemed appropriate that we have an acerbic female perspective in a game that plays upon the evolution and conventions of the genre.”

The game is being developed as a collaboration between Brookmyre, RedBedlam and will be playable for the first time at the event. The BAFTA Games Showcase will premiere the brand new trailer for Bedlam, followed by a game demo, then an interview with Christopher Brookmyre, author of the game’s best-selling companion novel. The audience will also have the opportunity to pose questions.

The session will provide insight into:

  • How the project came about from fan email to author and how that then turned into a novel
  • The creative process for taking a published novel and turning it into a video game
  • The creative process between the writer and game developer to take the game to launch
  • Making the decision to introduce a female lead for the video game
  • How the book and game industries are working closer together

Afterwards there will be hands-on access to the game for the very first time, followed by a networking drinks reception. Everyone who attends the will get access to the game’s Beta for £6.99 (usually £12.99).

To enter the draw for the tickets, just leave a comment below. We’ll pick two winners at noon tomorrow, 5th August, and email you. The winners names will also be emailed to BAFTA to be added to the event guest list.

For more information on the event or to buy your own tickets, go to the BAFTA website.