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There Is Now A Human Tetris World Record

Tetris World Record Morph Suits Church
A couple of weeks ago, Morph Costumes decided to try and set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Tetris blocks. This was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tetris They invited us along so, not sure what to think, we headed over with our video camera to see what was happening.

The T-shaped piece is obviously the best one because it can get you out of all sorts of problems, so I picked up a suit and turned myself into a human Tetris piece. Because why not?

It’s pretty simple to get into and nicely lightweight.

The record attempt was being held as part of a club session in London called The Church. (I’d normally call it a club night, but it starts at noon on a Sunday.) Lots of people turned up, bought a costume and joined in. Originally, it was going to be an attempt at the world’s largest human-Tetris chain. In all honesty, trying to wrangle hundreds of drunk people in to a sensible Tetris configuration was never going to happen.

In total, they managed to persuade 293 people to get into costumes and set a new world record. It was amazing. And really, really weird.