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David Braben Wants Thargoids To Be Terrifying In Elite: Dangerous

Elite: Dangerous - HangerAt last night’s Elite: Dangerous showcase talk at BAFTA I asked David Braben if the Thargoid spaceships are going to be as terrifying as they were in the original Elite. Braben said

I do hope. I think they [Thargoids] are great fun. I don’t like it when Star Trek with the stick on ears and stick on foreheads just annoyed me because they are all basically humanoids. In fact, all basically American humanoids. I think if you are going to have an alien make them alien. For me they do that. That’s why I want them to be as terrifying and as alien as we can make them

Braben and the Frontier Developments team are still being very cagey about Elite’s scariest aliens as you can see from the sparse Elite: Dangerous Thargoids wikia page. In the original game my heart would sink the moment a Thargoid ship came in view as I knew pretty soon I’d be dead. They were so bloody hard to kill. I’m hoping that I’ll have exactly the same reaction in this game.

Elite: Dangerous enters its standard, and final beta phase on the 29th July 2014 with exclusive single player combat missions available to play right now if you pre-order the beta.

Elite: Dangerous will be released for PC later this year