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Resogun Custom Ships – The Best and Worst


Resogun went live with a big update this week, adding local co-op, a ship editor and resetting the leaderboards after patching some big exploits. This is all in preparation for a big update tomorrow for the Heroes DLC, which will add two new game modes: Survival and Demolition. Survival is an endless mode with new scoring and a day/night cycle. Humans will get parachutes. I don’t know how this will affect things but they look extra cute now.

Demolition Mode changes things completely – instead of being a ship, you control a wrecking ball. There’s no boost, overdrive, or bombs and your only weapon is a proximity mine. Get wrecked, space aliens.

Thanks to the new ship editor, players can now build their own ships out of voxels. It’s really simple to use – you’re simply given a huge empty cube and a bunch of colours and left to fill it up however you like.

Nick and I had a look through the ships available to download from other players. That’s Tiki Kiwi up at the top of this post, from our friend Tikipod. Here are some of the best that we found by browsing the public lists:

And the worst.

And my own feeble effort to do the TAG logo. Flying to the right simply looks wrong.


Found anything good yourself?