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The Gaming Scene! London Indies

Gaming Scene Multiclash 1
The Gaming Scene is our newest video show! Over the coming weeks we’ll be looking at video games culture throughout the UK and what brilliant game-inspired things people do.

This first episode focuses on London Indies, a group of independent game developers who meet up for drinks and talking games. Dan Murdoch wanted a place where he could see and play games designed to be played with friends on sofa, so he set up MultiClash at London Game Space. Around a hundred indie developers and gamers came to the first event on Tuesday 25th March and brought their games-in-progress. Here’s what they had to say.

The Gaming Scene will be looking at all aspects of gaming culture. We’ll be checking out why people go to gaming expos, talking to gamers about their meetups and visiting game-themed venues around the country. We’ll also be investigating the fighting game scene, eSports and plenty more.

If you run something gaming-themed, or you know a venue or a regular event that you think we should cover, get in touch! There’s our contact form here or just leave a comment below with your email address in the email field and I’ll be in touch.