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Evolve 4v1 Gameplay Video

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Developers Turtle Rock Studios have now released a monstrous 52-minute video covering 8 minutes of highlights match that pits four hunters against the Goliath. After spending an evening playing Evolve back in February, it’s on my list of must-have games for 2014. Check out my hands-on Evolve preview for a quick overview on each of the four human classes and an explanation of the Goliath monster’s abilities.

Narrated by founder and design director Chris Ashton, you can flip between the perspectives of any of the hunters by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the video. Be sure you’ve turned on YouTube annotations to see this.

Skipping to two minutes in you can clearly see the advantages that the Goliath has over the hunters. Its sonic pulse sense clearly outlines prey for food and the hunters themselves even though all are obscured by the environment. Soon after, you’ll see what happens if you get isolated from your team.

In the ensuing battle you can clearly see the trapper’s harpoon gun showing up as a white line leading to the monster’s body. That prevents the Goliath from jumping and climbing, though it’s easy enough to break once you realise it’s there, as shown at 3:09.

As the Goliath escapes, you can see the support class blundering straight into one of the natural traps in the jungle environment at 3:38. It’s not enough to just keep your eyes on the prize. There’s a hostile environment all around you and you’ll need the help of your teammates to break out of these carnivorous plants.

Later, at 4:30 you can see the trapper deploy his mobile arena. This is the worst thing that can happen to the Goliath, as there’s no way to break out and the thing lasts for 30 seconds or more. It’s a suffocatingly small place, and very easy to get surrounded by the whole team.

As the humans, this is where everything kicks off. You have 30 seconds to do as much damage as possible while trying not to die. As the medic, you’ll be easily revealed by the green glow of your heal beam so try to stay behind cover if you need to use it on your team. You also have the option of punching holes in the Goliath’s armour with your anti-matter gun and planting a tracker on it for when the arena drops.

Evolve still looks bloody brilliant and it’s coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC in autumn 2014. I need this game.