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Distinctly Average 15 – Lady Gardens

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Sean tells us about the recent video game BAFTA Awards and learns a new thing about flowers. Debbie”s been playing inFAMOUS: Second Son and Nick waxes lyrical about Elite and Gauntlet. Also features rampant Assassins Creed Unity speculation, which so far has not been debunked by the teaser trailer.


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Debbie (@weefz)
Sean (@seanlabode)
Nick (@captskyrocket)

00:00:30 Titanfall
00:12:45 Covering the BAFTAs
00:20:11 How not to eat while gaming
00:21:10 VR: Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift
00:26:15 Elite Dangerous
00:36:15 Gauntlet
00:44:40 inFAMOUS: Second Son
00:54:04 Assassins Creed: Unity
01:01:09 PlayStation 4 system updates
01:06:45 Playfire Rewards
01:09:45 SimCity online casino offline
01:10:30 Gnomes in video games.
01:13:10 Nolan North
01:15:12 BAFTA Video Game Awards, including Brothers, GTA V, Tearaway and more.

Show Notes

We recorded this on Wednesday and Assassin”s Creed Unity was confirmed by Ubisoft on Friday!

Here”s Sean on the BBC website.

Sean BBC Homepage

A video of my gameplay session with Elite Dangerous.

We actually had a wander around Artem FX, a few months ago. Laura, who”s featured in the video, worked on the Titanfall suits.
Charlie Webster

Dara O”Briain having a laugh at Hideo Kojima during the BAFTA ceremony.

The Gauntlet remake trailer.

And details on the upcoming PlayStation system update. No more HDCP and sharing to USB drives, woo!