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Elite Dangerous Gameplay – Docking and Ship Configuration

Elite Dangerous Cobra
Elite Dangerous was on show at BAFTA”s Inside Games showcase in London. I got hands-on with the newest build, while Frontier”s CEO David Braben talked me through the new features. Alpha backers will be getting the update this week, which features docking with a space station and outfitting your ship with new weapons and utilities.

The game looks absolutely beautiful right now and there”s plenty of stuff to fiddle with in the cockpit. Hold down a button to turn your head to the left and you can access hyperspace navigation and communication. Look to the right and you”ll find all the info about your ship. In fine sci-fi tradition, you”ll be able to re-route power to your shields, engines or weapons and you can create your own weapon configurations by setting up fire groups. Perhaps you want to fire the rail gun and the blind fire missiles simultaneously? Add them to one fire group. Maybe best online casino link all the lasers together? That”s another fire group. It”s your personal space fighter, you can tweak it however you want.

Here”s some off-screen footage of docking at the space station, doing a bit of shopping with the ship outfitters and then taking it for a test run in a dogfight to defend a space carrier. You can marvel at my atrocious space combat skills. Sadly, the camera cut out before I managed to take down nefarious space cowboy Will Rogers but I assure you, I definitely won that fight.

If you have £200 burning a hole in your pocket, you can buy access to the Elite Dangerous Alpha now for Windows. There”s also cheaper beta access or you can pre-order the full release of the game for £35 from the online store.