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Distinctly Average Ep 11 – Magic or Technology or Games

Titanfall Pilot Wall-running

Recorded on 12th February (sorry, Titanfall beta got in the way of editing), we discuss Evolve vs Titanfall on the podcast as well as last week’s video game BAFTA shortlist. Nick’s been digging through the indie game threads on NeoGAF and Colin teaches everyone about the Christmas Walrus.


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00:30 Evolve
17:30 Titanfall
25:15 RoboCop
27:15 The new PlayStation Vita
29:40 Dustforce on Vita
31:05 Olli Olli
32:58 Threes!
35:50 Flappy Bird
38:06 The Speed Fragment and Skyrogue
40:25 BAFTA nominations
41:44 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons/Innovation in games
53:50 Tearaway
57:40 The Christmas Walrus
61:53 Assassin’s Creed

Show Notes

Samuel L Jackson interview:

You can play the Flappy Bird MMO here.

Check out the the 2014 video game BAFTA nominations for yourself.

The creators of Remember Me, Dontnod Entertainment are going through a “judicial reorganisation”