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World Of Tanks And Warplanes – Latest News

World Of Warplanes - Spitfire Mk1Here is the latest news for the free-to-play World War II games World of Tanks and World of Warplanes.

World of Tanks – Voted best online game
At this year’s Golden Joysticks World of Tanks took home the award for best online game beating titles like Guild Wars 2, Defiance, Sim City and Day Z.

World of Tanks – Update 8.9 Armoured Spearhead

Update 8.9 is now live which includes a second line of German Tank Destroyers (from Tier 4 to 10), a new map called “Northwest” set in North America, Encounter battle mode for the Erlenberg map and a brand new battle mode called Team Battle.

Team battle features a much smaller group of players with a maximum of 7 vs 7 per match. It’s also based on each players stats and experience level so you should be playing with people around your own level in every match.

World of Warplanes – British Aircraft

Classic World War II aircraft from the Royal Air Force recently joined the roster in World of Warplanes. You can now take to the skies in iconic aircraft like the Spitfire, Javelin and the Blenheim F.

World of Tanks – Japanese Tanks

Earlier this year it was announced that Japanese tanks would soon be included in the game. Now, as part of update 8.9 you can play with the first of these tanks, namely the Premium Tank Type 3 Chi-Nu Kai.

World of Tanks - Tanks

World of Warplanes – New Release Date

The full release of World of Warplanes has been postponed to the 12th and 13th Nov 2013 (depending on your region). All XP earned during the open beta will also be carried on into the full game.

World of Warplanes – Dornier 17 AR app

If you can’t make it to RAF Musuem Cosford in the UK to see the actual wreck of the German Dornier Do17 bomber recovered from the waters of Goodwin Sands earlier this year then there’s a alternate reality (AR) app available. The free apparition: Dornier 17 edition iOS app allows you to view a full size 3D model of the Dornier 17 aircraft when you are at one of the special Dornier locations around the world.

You can also view a scale model of the aircraft where ever you are by pointing the app at the aircraft logo contained in these instructions.

Dornier 17 - AR App

World of Tanks is out now and World of Warplanes is currently in open beta.