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Where’s My Mickey? Disney Studio Tour

Earlier this week, Disney revealed the upcoming Where’s My Mickey? game from Disney Mobile. At the announcement, we also went on a tour of the LA-based development studio, getting some insight on how the team work.

A scrum board fills the entrance hallway, showing everyone who walks in exactly what the team are working on. The team gather here every morning for a 15-minute stand-up meeting to update where everything sits in the current two-week sprint.

Disney Mobile Scrum Board 2

The studio walls are covered with boards showing concept art, gags and other ideas for upcoming levels.

Disney Wheres My Mickey Entrance Boards Disney Wheres My Mickey Items Board

And most amusingly, everyone in the office uses their desk in-tray to store toys. Lemons with faces are also a popular item, presumably from developing the Life Gives You Lemons episode in the game. Here’s a video of what goes on in the studio.