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I Was on the Ready-Up Podcast

Ready Up Podcast
I’ve been podcasting again! Just in case you can’t get enough of my lovely voice, here’s a guest appearance on the Ready-Up podcast. We talked about LucasArts (okay, mostly Star Wars), HMV (does anybody care that it is or isn’t closing?), BioShock Infinite (no spoilers) and loads of other awesome things. Also Defiance and Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, but you already know about all that because you read my Blood Dragon preview, right? Of course you did…

The crew at are a lovely lot. It’s not just a podcast – the site’s been running since 2007 with loads of personal takes on games, interviews and the like. Recently they’ve taken on the guys at BitSocket who do brilliant videos that you really should be watching.

They were also our rivals for Games Blog in the Games Media Awards 2012. Boo, hiss!

Anyway, here’s The (Not-So) Average Ready-Up Podcast. Listen. Enjoy. Cringe at my awkward intro.