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Guild Wars 2 Halloween Festivities

It’s lovely to see Guild Wars 2 is following its predecessor’s tradition of celebrating Halloween. 250 years later and the inhabitants of Lion’s Arch are still getting dressed up and pondering the legend that is Mad King Thorn. I had a wander around the Mystic Plaza and the Lion’s Court. They look fabulous.

Arenanet have created a bunch of quests specially for the week. Act 1 started a few days ago with a treasure hunt to find info on Mad King Thorn’s history. Act 2 will open up on Friday to carry on the mystery. More info over on the Shadow of The Mad King page.

You can also buy special items from vendors or get the Halloween minipet pack for 500 gems (~£4.70 in-game or slightly less if you buy a Gem card). That’s my miniature ghost pet pictured above. Yes, it’s the same size as me.

You’ll also find plenty of things to do, like foot fights from the Mad King’s Banquet tables that pop up around the city, or maybe earn yourself the reputation of a Master Carver by carving pumpkins that are littered about.

Hop your way into the cauldron for a nasty surprise and get involved in the costume battles with other players. There’s plenty to do in Lion’s Arch. Pop in some time this week and join the Halloween party.

Guild Wars 2 is out now and does not require an online subscription.