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News! Diablo on Consoles, Play Reckoning and more.

Diablo 3 on consoles: As reported by Eurogamer, Diablo 3 is definitely being developed for the console market. This was confirmed in a tweet from Blizzard’s community manager Micah Whiple this morning.

Xbox Phishing: Last week an unhappy Xbox owner fell victim to a phishing attack and lost hundreds of dollars even after Microsoft assured her that the account was blocked. All the more reason to use pre-paid Xbox Gold cards and Microsoft points instead of storing your credit card details.

New Assassins Creed Revelations Maps: Ubisoft have announced that new multiplayer maps will be available from 24th January. These will include Jerusalem, Constantinople, Dyers and the Italian Renaissance maps from Brotherhood. 800 Microsoft points and whatever that equivalent is on PSN these days.

Lovefilm Price Drop: Now we’re not saying that Lovefilm are feeling threatened by the UK launch of Netflix, but they did drop the price of a Lovefilm subscription to £4.99 in an eerie coincidence yesterday. Key distinction – Lovefilm also offers video game rentals by post.

Play Reckoning: Ken Rolston’s Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will be at available for gamers to preview in London this week. We learned all sorts of juicy info in our interview with designer Will Miller last September. Play this Thursday 12th Jan, a full month before release at Gamerbase in Trocadero. Sign up through the EA Reckoning blog and see more on the skills in the video below.