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Microsoft Flight – Take Part In The Beta

MSFlight_LogoThe Microsoft Flight team have announced that they are now accepting applications for the beta which kicks off in Jan 2012.

You can apply for the beta via Microsoft Connect. You will need to accept the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) agreement before submitting your application. It’s all fairly standard stuff for an NDA – don’t record, talk or write about anything in the beta. But I did find point 4 quite funny:

  • Do not allow others to play or watch you play the beta software

So I’ll have to keep an eye on Weefz if I get selected as our PCs are in the same room. Hmmm, that could prove troublesome.

Microsoft Flight - Chaps Time For A Bad Weather Approach

Chaps, It's Time For A Bad Weather Approach

Once you’ve accepted the NDA there’s a few basic questions to answer – Name, age, country, email address and gamertag. If you don’t have a gamertag you will have to create a new one otherwise no beta for you. The Flight team will then contact successful applicants in Jan 2012.

You can keep up to date with all the latest Microsoft Flight beta news via their website and/or Facebook page or right here on The Average Gamer.

Microsoft Flight will be released during 2012 for PC.