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Trailer – Afterfall: InSanity

So the new teaser trailer for Afterfall: InSanity is looking pretty good. At first glance, it looks like if you took the Condemned series, then sprinkled on a dash of Metro 2033, added a “dose” of Painkiller and maybe stirred the whole thing up with a rusty blade from Silent Hill, you’d have the unique concoction that is Afterfall. I’m not sure what kind of game it is from the web site’s description, but judging from the video it’s definitely a third-person shooter of some kind, with some light puzzle or RPG elements.

The game engine certainly looks to be a fairly powerful one, with some nice lighting online casino effects and level design to immerse you in the gritty, dark world of 2035. The enemies don’t look terribly varied, but they certainly are interesting: strange animated bits of rubble and wreckage, not to mention the requisite mutant freaks and zombies, rising up to oppose you. With the story of Albert, a medic from “The Republic”, emerging from a shelter from the last war nearly 20 years ago, it could easily fit alongside the Fallout series and id Software’s upcoming shooter Rage. There’s no doubt that the post apocalyptic genre is alive and well in computer gaming.