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Daily News – Borderlands 2, WWE All Stars, Ubisoft Montreal’s Pixel Art War and EA Sports Season Ticket

Yay, it’s news time featuring a new game, new DLC pack, a brilliant pixel art war and a new way to give EA all your money.

Borderlands 2:

Gearbox Software have officially announced the existence of Borderlands 2. Gamescom 2011 (17th-21st Aug) and PAX Prime (26th-28th Aug) attendees will get the first glimpse of the game later on this month.

WWE All Stars:

Fans of the WWE All Stars wrestling game can now get their hands on the The Southern Charisma Pack featuring:

  • Big Boss Man, Michael “PS” Hayes
  • “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry

The pack costs 240 MS Points on Xbox live or £2.99 on the PlayStation Network and is available now.

Ubisoft’s Pixel Art War With BNP Paribas:

There has been a pixel art war going on between the residents of Ubisoft Montreal and the neighbouring BNP Paribas (French Bank) building. According to this thread on NeoGAF, Ubisoft fired the first shot in the war with the appearance of several Space Invaders on its building’s windows made out of post-it notes. The BNP Paribas staff then retaliated with a ship to shoot the Space Invaders. Over the following weeks everything from Zelda, Bubble Bobble, Pac-Man to Super Mario characters appeared in a tit-for-tat building war in which the only real losers were the stationary budgets. Just brilliant :-)

EA Sports Season Ticket:

EA have launched their EA Season ticket subscription service which will cost you 2000 MS Points on Xbox LIVE or $24.99 on PlayStation Network for a 12-month package which includes:

  • Play EA Sports games 3 days before their official release
  • 20% discount off all EA Sports DLC
  • Premium web content
  • Membership recognition (i.e. exclusive electronic badge)

So you pay for the privilege of buying EA Sports games.Hmmm, thanks but I’ll pass EA. Unless you’re a complete EA Sports game addict this subscription appears to be a big waste of money. Is anyone actually interested in this?

(Hat tip to @EdgeOnline for the Pixel art war info)