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Daily News – Battlefield 3 beta, Avatar Kinect and The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff

Yep, it’s news time…

Battlefield 3:

The Battlefield 3 beta will be taking place during September 2011. At the moment access to this beta is limited to people who have bought the Medal of Honor Limited Edition. You can also keep an eye on EA’s Battlefield 3 beta page for more information.

Avatar Kinect:

Available as the newest gadget in the Kinect Fun Labs menu on your Xbox 360, Avatar Kinect allows a “virtual you” to take part in 24 different stages by capturing your facial movements and voice. You can invite up to 7 friends to join in a party, talk show or just hang out and chat. Avatar Kinect is available to both gold and silver (free) members until the 8th September 2011, after which you will need a Xbox LIVE gold account to play.

Avatar Kinect - Party

There ain't no party like an Avatar Kinect party

The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff:

EA have released a new pack of stuff to give your entire Sims 3 town a good old fashioned makeover. It features new buildings, designs and items to brighten up your Sim’s homes. Check out the brand new trailer featuring some really weird floating scub diving Sims….