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Daily News – Get Race Driver: GRID For £2.99, MCFC Virtual Kit Launch in FIFA 12 and Jonah Lomu’s Rugby Challenge

Welcome to today’s games news.

You’ve got until tomorrow (21st July 2011) to pick up Codemasters excellent circuit and street racing game GRID on the PC for the measly price of £2.99 (Steam link). All profits from sales will be donated to industry-supported charities and good causes, so get buying.

In other GRID news, Codemasters has discontinued the online multiplayer for the PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game. The Xbox 360 version is unaffected, meaning you can still get your multiplayer kicks online. However, all is not lost for PC owners as the free multiplayer gaming service – GameRanger – now supports Race Driver: GRID. Unfortunately, there really is no silver lining for PlayStation 3 owners. That’s it. No more online multiplayer for you.

There’s going to be a lot more Manchester City Football club stuff in FIFA 12 now that the club has signed up with EA. Fans will be able to experience:

  • MCFC match simulations prior to the real matches taking place
  • Exclusive visuals of the players in action
  • A virtual kit launch
  • Authentic representations of the players in game after they all got head scanned

There’s a video of the team in action in FIFA 12 and features the first look at their new kit. I wonder what the fans of rival teams are going to make of this announcement?

It’s been announced that The Binding of Isaac will be coming to Steam next month. This is the latest game from the developers of the hit indie game Super Meat Boy. The artist and game designer, Edmund Mcmillen posted some details about the game on his blog last week. It’s going to be a Zelda(ish) dungeon exploring game crossed with Smash TV/Robotron. I think I’m in love with this game already! According to Edmund, Florian the programmer has just made it:

so neutral flys are attracted to piles of shit and if they eat too much of the shit they get fat and become bloated flys that poop blood at you…

How can you not want to play it after hearing about this? ;-) [Umm… okay… *runs away* – Ed]

TheBlindingOfIsaac_Monster TheBlindingOfIsaac_Shop

There’s a super sexy looking trailer for the upcoming Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge game. Featuring the real life likeness of the All Blacks and Wallabies players. This will be the second rugby game released this year following the Official Rugby World Cup 2011 game, which I got to play recently, so look out for my hands-on preview this weekend. Take it away Mr Lomu….

And finally… remember the limited edition Gears of War Marcus Fenix statue that Debbie got back in 2007? We know a collector that’s trying to track down another one. Do you have one? Do you know someone that has one? Drop us a comment below.