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World Of Tanks – It’s Time For World War III

WorldOfTanks_SmallLogoSince I first had a look at World of Tanks and interviewed its project manager – Alexander Shilyaev – earlier on this year, a war has been developing within this tank based MMO.

Masses of people have been logging onto the World of Tanks servers and set a new record of 155,000 concurrent players on a Russian server. This is a massive 60,000 more users than their own “Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server” Guinness World Record set earlier this year. has been developing World of Tanks world by way of frequent updates. The latest of which – update v.0.6.4 – added new vehicles, 2 new maps (Mountain Pass and Steppes) and various game improvements, such as updates to the physics engine and various bug fixes.

According to Alexander Shilyaev from World of Tanks:

This is a very important moment for us in terms of game optimization. Not only will the new physics bring the game nearer to reality, but will also become the first step towards a full-scale upgrade that will allow for much more freedom for our players on the battlefields in terms of tactics

This latest update paved the way for the highly anticipated ultimate conquest clan war mode which went live today. Clan players will be able to take part in a global tank war for control of countries within the following 4 regions:

  • Europe
  • Russia (up to Siberia)
  • North Africa
  • Saudi Arabia

You can keep track of wars in the different regions via a series of interactive maps. Players get a choice of the Northern Europe and Mediterranean region maps at the moment. Here’s what the Northern Europe map looks like:


Given that there are over 1400 registered clans on the European server alone this is going to develop into World War III very quickly. These are exciting times to be part of World of Tanks.

Are you going to join the war?

World of Tanks is free to play and available now on PC. All you need to do is download and install the client software from World of Tanks to take part.