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Xperia PLAY Rooms – Revealed

SonyEricsson_Logo I went along to the Xperia PLAY rooms this morning to have a look around and have another go on the Xperia PLAY smartphone that is being released tomorrow.

Essentially there is one main room containing all sorts of stuff like a crashed helicopter and car, Dodge Charger car, action men climbing a tree, noodle bar (serving free drinks) and a rocket launcher. There’s also quite a bit of seating available with sofas and chairs dotted all over the place. Handy when you want to spend some time with the smartphone.

The room also resembled a scene from Blade Runner every so often when the many smoke machines kicked into action bathing the blinky neon signs with a smokey fog. It looked really cool.

Here are some pictures I took of the room:

XperiaPLAYRooms_SmokeyActionManTree XperiaPLAYRooms_BladeRunnery XperiaPLAYRooms_Green XperiaPLAYRooms_HelicopterSmoke XperiaPLAYRooms_RocketLauncher XperiaPLAYRooms_DodgeChargerGreen

And this is what it looked like in the evening at the VIP party:

XperiaPLAYRooms_Stage XperiaPLAYRooms_EveningBar

The Xperia PLAY smartphone is available from the 1st April 2011.