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Gran Turismo 5 – Top Gear Test Track Top Tips

For those of you who may be finding the Top Gear Test Track races though in Gran Turismo 5, here are some top tips:

  1. Know your cones – Avoid the small, solid red cones at all costs. Hitting these results in an instant disqualification. The bigger, white/red striped ones you can mangle to your hearts content.
  2. Main overtaking Points – Bacharach at the end and Chicago and Hammerhead at the start of the lap are the stand out overtaking points. Especially during the Volkswagen SambaBus ’62 race, you can overtake 2-3 vehicles by not breaking during the first part of Chicago. If you want to win the race and unlock the test track to drive in arcade and practice modes, you need to do this.
  3. Hammerhead – You can overtake upto 3 cars in the Lotus race (if they are reasonably close together) in one move through Hammerhead. Simply leave your breaking so late that you pile through the red/white cones at the top of Hammerhead. Then drive left around the left side of the 3 smaller red cones ahead of you as going to the right of them will gets you disqualified. In doing so you will not only cut a little bit of Hammerhead, but also block of any cars who may be driving around it when you rejoin the track.
  4. Side-swiping and blocking – If you do drive into the other competitors, try to hit them with the side of your car rather than just the front as the game will be more forgiving and not disqualify you. Also, getting bashed from behind will not get you disqualified and can give you brief speed boost. You my need to block other competitors after Bentley and before Bacharach as they tend to be quick on this straight.

TopGearTestTrack_HammerheadCutStartingPoint TopGearTestTrackLayout

The Hammerhead cut may not look like much, but the extra breaking distance you get by driving through the cones allows you to overtake quite a few cars. Depends if you regard this as a tip or a cheat, as you are actually deviating from the course. I’m sure The Stig would not be impressed. Anyway, I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

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